On the Coyote edge of technology and engineering

The CSE Club is committed to developing a community of advanced technical developers to lead the future of Computer Science and Engineering
Hero image, a robotic coyote.

See what puts Yotes light-years ahead.

Coyotes are known to be smarter than other canines. See why club members flourish within respective domains.
Live and Remote Tutoring
We have several club tutors who offer their services for free to students needing help with Computer Science and Engineering courses.
Workshops, Speakers, and Tours
The club works with industry leaders and develops hands-on projects to ensure students are ready for work in the field.
State of the Art Hardware
The Research Lab in JB 361 provides a wide variety of research equipment and systems for enabling students to succeed.

Meet the Pack

The Computer Science and Engineering program at CSUSB is more than just a club—it's a community of friends, a career development network, and a platform for higher learning.

What are we up to this time?

Something big is always happening within the club. Make sure to check what we're cooking in our Events page.

Ready to run with the Pack?

We are always looking for new students looking to further their education in the art of Computer Science and Engineering.
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The Cal State San Bernardino Computer Science and Engineering Club is committed to building a community of technical students.
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